We met nine years ago. And since then, we haven't stopped travelling.

Jorge grew up in Mexico City. As a child, his parents would take him to explore the outskirts of the city weekend after weekend, an experience that budded in him a sense of wonder for the world.

So much so, that he paid for his studies in Foreign Affairs and International Relationships by working as a tour guide for five years.

Lourdes grew up in the bohemian city of Queretaro, Mexico. Passionate about human relationships, she undertook a Bachelor in Communications and a Master in Sustainable Tourism Management.

A nerd by heart, today she is undertaking a PhD in Sociology looking at ways to foster intercultural relationships through the use of digital technologies. 

We moved to Australia in 2015, united by a passion for discovering new horizons. We decided to found Hello Xolotl in 2020 because we want to share our heart-felt passion with you. 

Through Hello Xolotl, we want to share not only our culture and our country, but to work and learn from others that we come across along the way. If we've learnt anything in the last nine years, it's that travel changes you. It changes you through the people and the places that co-create a moment.

We hope that by sharing these journeys with you, we can pave the way to a kinder world that relishes in intercultural connection and understanding. 

So, why "Hello Xolotl"?

Xolotl means "stranger" in nahuatl, one of the main indigenous languages in Mexico. 

In addition, our logo is a "xoloitzcuintle", or Xolo, the Mexican hairless dog. Aztecs and the Mayans believed the Xolo was created by the Gods to guard the living and guide the souls of the dead through the dangers of Mictl├ín, the Underworld. Isn't it fitting?

*Picture by Michelle Reeves

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